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My name is Alan Cariddi Jr. I am an award-winning French/American artist currently living in Paris France. From a young age I looked at things with a sense of amazement, from the smallest forms of life to galaxies. I developed a passion for patterns prevalent throughout the world, a love for geometry and its application in nature, and an attraction to the concept of duality, which have all become a source of inspiration for me.

I hold an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA from Georgetown University where I studied Studio Arts and History, with a specialisation in Ancient Civilizations. This course of study made me realize that my passions have been shared for millennia by different people all over the world, and this idea compels me to create pieces to inspire people and try to make them, consciously or subconsciously, reflect on our collective past, future, and our place within the world and the universe.

I believe we all have our part to play in this world, and while life initially took me in a different professional direction, fate it seemed, had every intension of bringing me back on the path to my passions.

I was injured in a serious motorcycle accident that would have me mostly sitting down for several months. This blessing in disguise bestowed on me the gift of time, during which I was able to reflect on what I had accomplished and where I was going. It was then that I decided to reset everything, return to art, and make it my life.

Months later, I left the U.S to move to Paris, and have been living an inspired life ever since.

Through my work I aspire to galvanize people’s curiosity; to awaken their senses, make them want to question the things they know, and explore the unknown. I want to invite them to see the world in a different way and partake in my sense of wonder.

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